2 Directors. 1 Target.
The maximum benefit for our customers.

We, Ana Turcan and Jürgen Raizner, manage jointly and equal the Steinbeis Danube Center. Trust and esteem, tolerance and loyalty, as well as responsibility and future-readiness are our core values and the foundation of all work. We focus on customers and markets. And we look forward to discuss with you what benefit our work brings to you.

Ana Turcan

Ana Turcan is the Director of the Steinbeis Danube Center in Vienna.
She graduated from the Babes-Bolyai University in Romania with the degree in International Relations and European Studies and later continued at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations and European Studies.
Since 2013, Ana was Project Manager at Steinbeis Innovation Center in Stuttgart, Germany. Her portfolio includes development of flagship projects and transnational partnerships under the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR); smart specialization strategies, establishing transnational partnerships, business support and consultancy services.
She speaks Romanian, Russian, English, German, Bulgarian, Spanish.

Jürgen Raizner

The professional experiences in doing international business of Jürgen Raizner goes back to 1991. Working sessions as long-term expert as well as short-term expert took place in almost every country of Central and Eastern Europe. Jürgen Raizner has proven experiences in managing multi-national consortia of Technical Assistance in EU funded projects and managed major consultancy projects that included reporting to international board level and government secretary state level. He is used to be advisor to SME as well as to large enterprises of various industrial sectors. Jürgen Raizner studied management and logistics at University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen-Geislingen and graduated 1993.