Mission IME 2018: Bridging the Investment Gap between EU and China

Frankfurt, 20.03.2018: The Investment Management Exhibition (IME) initiates for third time the dialogue among investors and project owners. Regional focus is Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Connecting Europe and China – perfectly in line with the One Belt One Road Initiative. High level participants discuss at IME several projecs to develop infrastructure which allow to simplify the collaboration. Jürgen Raizner was invited to present concrete opportunities of collaboration among East and West. Website of the organizer.

“Crossing Borders – Doing Business”

Investments in research and development are on a very poor level in Romania and Bulgaria. But also other EU members like Slovakia and Poland are far away from achieving European targets in this regard. Jürgen Raizner is convinced: in future only innovative enterprises are competitiveenterprises. The industrial basis in Central and Eastern Europe is modern, competent – and well prepared for a cooperation with investors who want to transfer visions into business.

The extensive network of our Transfer Center allows to identify various business opportunities. Chinese investors could use plants in Romania as a gate to the European market. Urgently needed investments to improve infrastructure in Danube Region create an attractive market. Insufficient recogniced results of research from Eastern Europe build up a new basis for innovation which might become success stories for investors from Western Europe and Asia. A sort of competition started to get access to the most promising projects.

STC and China

Business opportunities, presented by Jürgen Raizner at IME

Example 1: Investing in industrial sites
The cities of Sebes (Romania) and Uzhgorod (Ukraine) are located close to the plants of Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Peugot / Citroen, Kia … Both are ideal locations for suppliers and logistics service providers.

Example 2: Investment in infrastructure
There are about 70 ports along the Danube and only those in Germany and Austria meet modern standards. European objective is, to increase freight traffic on the Danube by 20% until 2020 compared to 2010. This requires the modernization of the ports, the creation of intermodular infrastructure and results in huge business opportunities.

Example 3: Investment in new technologies
Whether novel connection technology, powerful cutting tools or a sophisticated concept for online trading – the companies supported by the STZ have great chances to be successfull. Further potential can be found and offers promising investment opportunities.

IME and STC: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, …

The organizer HAFA Exhibitions succeeded in 2018 once more to bring competent experts together. The choice of participants is crucial: the same goals and a strong will will to do business in a serious way. We thank Mr. Bekim Xhafa for the invitation to IME 2018.