Bratislava, 22.-24.03.2018: “The Regional Innovation Forum aims to facilitate a systematic policy dialogue among European and Central Asian countries focused on the potentials of innovation and advanced technologies to promote regional integration, job creation, and economic growth.” Jürgen Raizner was invited by World Bank Group to discuss technology transfer models for post-tranisition economies.

Cyril Muller, Vice President for the Europe and Central Asia Region at the World Bank, introduced the subject in his excelent statement “Imagination Meets Innovation”.

Technology Transfer: Challenges with Public Research Commercialization Models in ECA – Exploring New Interventions

Objective: Nascent innovation ecosystems across ECA are dominated by small and medium firms that rarely perceive technology-intensive innovation as important for their growth strategies. Unsurprisingly, traditional models of transferring technology from public R&D institutes to the private sector, including via technology transfer offices, are underperforming in post-transition economies. Panelists explore public policy approaches to stimulate demand-driven innovation and discuss the skillset that will be essential for technology and knowledge transfer given the rapid technological developments globally.


  • Erik Azulay, Head of the Technology Commercialization Office, Kazakhstan
  • Mark Crowell, Principal, Academy Innovation Advisors
  • Jelena Begović, Acting Director, Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • Eva Baltar, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, EC Joint Research Center (JRC)
  • Jürgen Raizner, Director, Steinbeis Transfer Management

Moderator: Karen Grigorian, Senior Private Sector Specialist, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation, World Bank

Questions to the panelists

Round 1: TT model challenges in post-transition economies
Round 2: Transitioning to demand-driven TT models
Round 3: Future Skills & Capabilities for TT professionals

Technology transfer by selling patents? About 400 enterprises which are located in Baden-Württemberg, have the inofficial status of being world market leaders. How many of them have bought a patent from an university? Promoting technology transfer means to take into account the needs and interests of the industry. The demand driven approach of Steinbeis model is a success story and worth to be taken into account when implementing technology transfer models in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Steinbeis Transfer Centers of Jürgen Raizner make the knowledge available.

Technology transfer what is based on selling patents cannot become a success story in Central and Eastern European countries. Only a few institutions in the region really understand the need to adapt the plans and programs to promote technology transfer. The World Bank Group’s view on technology transfer is highly promising, very realistic and therefore supported by Jürgen Raizner. Steinbeis was also represented at the RIF by Roxana Boboruta, project manager of Steinbeis Transfer Management, Romania.

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